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I have begun to get many queries about people from all ages about HGH. One of the reasons for this could be, the different benefits offered by HGH, with the main one being the reversal of aging process. There are other claims as well, including possible improvement in metabolism, increased height and development of muscles.

However, before buying allow me to share some info…..

Whenever you are considering any treatment for health, getting into something blindfolded without proper research can backfire and may have severe consequences.

Do not fall for the lies put forth by various companies because they will try to hide the cons and exaggerate the advantages of the product to sell it.

This is why it is significant that you don’t get into something without knowing the facts. Many companies create hype about their products for selling them to their clients and are constantly trying to call their product the best.

If you consume these products without knowing the dangers associated with the use, they can be harmful. This article is aimed at saving you the effort, money and trouble and letting you know the results of my complete research on HGH.

The results of the research will allow you to see the facts clearly and allow you to make correct and informed decision about the product.

Firstly, what is HGH or Human Growth Hormone?

The HGH is produced by the pituitary gland inside the brain. This human growth hormone is responsible for assisting growth in adolescents and children and maintains it throughout their life. The most significant advantage of the HGH hormone is that it increases height. As we grow older the production of HG hormones by pituitary gland slows down. The hormone secretion is at its highest in the adolescent age. During puberty the secretion reaches its peak with a surge in human growth. By the time we reach our 30s this secretion the secretion starts to diminish and as we grow older the pituitary gland creates even less HG hormones. This level of HGH secretion continues to reduce over the years. That is why we need to take extra care of our health as we grow older.

How can HGH help in age reversal?

The reduction in the HGH levels is because of aging process.

The reduction cause us to look older and make us more susceptible to illnesses like depression, diabetes, loss of muscle mass and loss of energy. Not only this, there are many other issues associated with aging process. So it is safe to assume that if you increase the HGH levels in your body you can reverse the ageing process and look young and healthy. Taking into consideration this theory, HGH is the miracle that brings back the youth. Humans have now become aware of the secret to being young for years. Of course you need to research for the right product on internet. Just imagine what it will feel like with all wrinkles gone and the spring back in your step. You will have the slim body back along with that youthful mind. There are many options available on internet as HGH solution for the body. You can use HGH injections, natural supplements and oral sprays claiming to increase HGH levels inside your body. To make things easier I have explained all these methods in detail below.


HGH Injection - The HGH injections inject a synthetic material inside your body. These injections are normally taken twice or thrice daily. The HGH injections are extremely costly. One of these injections can cost as much as $25. So you will be expected to spend around $75 every day. So if you continue the treatment for 30 days you would have spent approximately $2000. Another thing is that these injections are prescribed and not available as over the counter medicine. Incidentally insurance companies do not cover for HGH injections. As the HGH injections use synthetic material produced in a lab, it is pretty much clear that there might be side effects involved with this, similar to any synthetic substance. Therefore, cost and side effects do not make injections a realistic option.

Oral Sprays of HGH: There is no established evidence that these sprays work. The HG hormone according to studies doesn’t have the ability to pass through the mouth membranes. This alone makes it a less than useful option.

Natural HGH Releasers: All studies have concluded this is the only effective method for releasing HGH in your body.   The releasers are available in tablet form and are similar to vitamins. You can consume the tablets just before going to bed because the pituitary gland is at its active best during sleep. These tablets are considered to be completely natural and having no synthetic material as they are created from herbs. Herbs are responsible for activating pituitary glands and the gland in turn makes more HGH.

The natural HGH releasers are actually a better option to the synthetically produced HGH. They are hugely popular and work well when compared with the others. For buying these releasers there is no need for medical prescription and no side effects have been reported yet.

However, you need to be cautious and not fall for the various false claims made by different companies on internet. They will always try to conceal the problems and cons associated with the product.

Is it sensible to put your health at risk for the lies from these companies? Obviously not.

All the available HGH products on internet are not produced with the same procedures.

Due to the rising demand for HGH supplements some crooked makers have entered the market from nowhere and are selling poor quality products. These low quality products do not give you the results that can be expected from a good HGH supplement.

If you do find a quality HGH supplement that actually is useful, you will experience higher energy levels and a more youthful and smoother looking skin. You will also experience a better sexual drive, more solid immune system and the capability to lose excess and stubborn fat quickly.

Some Significant Info for Your Good Health

As noted in the prior discussion there are many low quality products around in the market. Some of them are plain effective but some are harmful and can lead to undesirable side effects. Therefore you need to be cautious and smart while selecting your HGH supplement.

Now how do you get the best available HGH supplement?

For answering this important query we conducted a multiple stage research project where we gathered info from various suppliers and users of the hormone.

Before beginning my detailed research I developed strict set of criteria for ranking the best available HGH supplements out there.

After the research two products clearly rose to the top surpassing others.

The detailed research project I conducted revealed 2 supplements that outclassed all others that were tested. Here they are along with their specific properties that pushed them to the top.


GenF20 Plus

98% Success Rate


Nowadays GenF20 Plus is in use among hundreds all over the world. The supplement has very high success rate than compared to other products. The supplement is made in a FDA certified lab and consists of a blend of vitamins, amino peptide and Alpha GPC which is a strong natural ingredient that can release HGH. It has established that it is effective and has no side effects. Not only that, the makers offer a 67 days money back guarantee for a free trial. Read the full review here….

Visit Official Site of GenF20 Plus


90% Success Rate


This is a great anti ageing product, as vouched for by several people. GenFX helps in reducing weight, gaining muscles, optimizing brain function and making you feel healthy overall. The mixture of ingredients used in GenFX is excellent and the results are there to see with overall well being and youthful appearances.

Visit Official Site of GenFX


Behind the Research for these Ratings

What factors were considered while ranking the above supplements?

I tried to put the largest emphasis on customer satisfaction via testimonials and quality. I also considered every company’s reputation and reliability along with their history, quality of support and money back guarantee offered.

After speaking to the customers and company representatives from these companies, I arrived at the conclusion that GenF20 Plus is by far the best option available with GenFX coming second. Allow me to present my findings in the point form.

What makes for the difference between these two and others.

Well, both the supplements are completely natural and contain the best possible blend of herbs. Quite frankly I could not find any product that came close to these two in comparison. This means there are many products out there advertising false info.


GenF20 is created in an FDA approved lab

It is safe to use this supplement as the lab it comes from is approved by FDA which means it is passing through strict rules. The supplement is made in a GMP accredited lab which brings about the highest pharmaceutical quality standards.

When I contacted these companies while performing research I was taken by surprise with their responses. Everyone was happy to answer my queries fully and had no issues with me verifying anything and everything.

Both these companies also offer money back guarantee.


Why? That will be your next query right?

Both these supplements offer almost similar results. So, why did I rate GenF20 higher than GenFX?

The reason is user reviews. These reviews were the main difference. In addition I had to ensure that I have covered all bases before bringing all the info to the table.

Hundreds of consumers have written reviews about these two supplements based on how quickly they gave results. GenF20 received the rating of 4.8 out of 5 while GenFX got 4.0 rating out of 5. So, that’s why GenF20 surpassed GenFX for top position.


Use them and make up your own mind

In case you are a little unsure, it does not mean that you cannot try out the product. In case you did not like the product you can always use the money back guarantee without having to worry about possible side effects.

Websites for these supplements are easy to find. For GenF20 plus it is GenF20 and for GenFX it is Gen

You need to remember that you don’t mix the supplements with each other. Blending the supplements without any knowledge of what might happen may be very dangerous.

Due to the number of HGH supplements out there deciding on one is understandably tough. However, I also know that several companies take advantage of this lack of knowledge to cheat and claim the profits.

Due to the large number of choices, the average customer becomes indecisive about selecting the supplement.

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